Theme administration

All - or most of the - theme related settings, are located in the admin's Appearance section.

The appearance menu

From this page, it's possible to enable and disable themes. Site builders can even install themes using a URL or by uploading a theme archive (tar tgz gz bz2 zip). From this page, a theme can be set as default user-facing theme using the Set as default button which appears right from the screenshot (this button won't appear for the theme that is currently set as the default theme).

A theme that is installed won't - by default - appear in the front-end, unless it's set as the default theme.

At the bottom of the page, the administration theme can be switched.

The appearance page

Theme settings

Below is an example of Bartik's theme settings page.

The appearance page

Installing a new theme

Drupal scans the themes directory and looks *.info.yml to find new themes. Make sure to install themes in the correct directories.


For themes that should be available to all sites.


For themes that should be available on a specific site (on a multisite installation).

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